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Roof Project

The Historical Society was receiving calls of concern when the green fire truck was on the front lawn of the Historic Loucks Homestead located at 527 North Chestnut Street. The explanations, there was no need to fear. The vintage LaFrance ladder truck, (retired from the Scottdale Fire Dept.) has been repurposed with a new chapter of service; saving roofs and offering a secure measure to access the roof safely.


Stephan Hall with A.S.K. Construction worked with Kevin Miller of K.L. Miller Enterprises to use the ladder truck for roof work.

The Scottdale Historical Society was thrilled to work with A.S.K. Construction on their roof project. The Society was being pro-active on maintaining the late 1880's roof on the Loucks homestead. The metal work was in need of painting, attention to the box gutters, and insuring the slate tiles were in shape was the task at hand. Most of the metal work in the valleys and cap rails of the roof were showing wear-n-tear from the years of exposure, along with the many ornate details on the roof. The box gutters were starting to fail. The Society wanted to address these concerns before there were problems . Stephan Hall with A.S.K. Construction was quick to respond to our request, his enthusiasm for the historic structure and pride in his work was over-whelming.


Both Hall and Miller have helped the Historical Society on work projects.  The Society wanted local business to handle our work, and are grateful for the professionalism, work ethic, and care for the historic home.

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