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Scottdale Historical Society

Shadows of Scottdale is a downtown horror tour that will explore the dark, TRUE history of Scottdale's dearly departed.


This year’s one-hour tour will feature a collection of new stops and stories of historically accurate tragedies in Scottdale. Expect tales of gruesome murders, robberies, fires, unsolved mysteries, and more. Here are a few teasers for this year’s tour.

  • Family “Affair”: A family reconnects after 20 years and things quickly go very, very wrong.
  • Mad Dog: 8 cars and townspeople try to run down a mad dog wreaking havoc downtown.
  • On the Run: Two murderers escape an insane asylum and make their way to Scottdale.
  • Something in the water..or chicken? Dozens fall ill at a family reunion. Was it poison or fowl play?

And for those who missed last year’s tour, these tales will be featured again:

  • The 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic, with new details
  • Pine Tree Blast, told at Scratch Living Roastery & Cafe: once home to Loucks Hardware, the company featured in the story.

Volunteers Needed

Girl Scouts from Troop 22202 help prepare favors for the Downton Abbey Tea.

The Scottdale Historical Society is seeking volunteers to help with a variety of tasks at the Historic Loucks Homestead.  From painting and property to maintance to house cleaning and ending a hand at an event, if you have a few extra hours you could give once ever few weeks or month, that would be great!


We also accept group volunteer projects from local scouting groups and community organizations looking to lend a hand.


For more information or to be contact about volunteer opportunities, please email us!

Around Scottdale & Everson On Sale Now

"Around Scottdale and Everson," compiled by Paul E. Eckman and Tom Zwierzelewski with the Scottdale Historical Society. A compilation of history and photographs include images of long-gone buildings and scenes from the community's heyday. The book is available for $20 at the Scottdale Public Library or by contacting the society. They also are available through Arcadia Publishing and Barnes and Noble booksellers. Here's a link to the story on the book that appeared in the Tribune-Review.


Also available is a book by retired Southmoreland High School history teacher Bob Percy called, "Profiles of Service and Sacrifice." The book details the stories of service by Scottdale area residents in World War II. Here's a link to a story about the book.

Wishes Granted

As part of our effort to meet or goals, we've created a Wish List of items and opportunities for volunteers. We are pleased to report we have received a washer, dryer, ironing board, dinner glasses and other items. Do you have something to offer?

Exterior of the Loucks Homestead at 527 North Chestnut Street Exterior of the Loucks Homestead at 527 North Chestnut Street

Loucks Homestead Rental

The Loucks Homestead is available for overnight stays or afternoon teas and evening dinners with family, friends or social organizations.


While the home lies outside the district, we should note that in 1996 the commercial-industrial area of Scottdale was designated a historic district in the National Register of Historic Places.

What's New


Historical Society meetings are currently postponed due to Covid-19.  Please check back soon for announcements.


Paint Donations!

We are seeking donations for exterior paint and supplies.  Click Here for more details on how you can help!


We are seeking volunteers to help with:

  • Exterior painting and maintenance
  • Event planning and assistance
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